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The intention that I have held over the past 30 years of working in the unseen is to discover what has kept humanity, individuals, trapped in repeating cycle of survival and limit.

The answer to that quest had to come from those Being of Integrity and Light who hold the secret in the worlds beyond Earth. It has been my honor to call them friends, guides, and co-creators. You may hear me call them, "the team" or "the Ancient Ones."

Is it important to know "cause" if there is no way to release humanity from ownership? Not in my world!
Knowing the cause behind the form required that my "team" direct me in designing tools, protocols, and system to remove the "cause" and to heal the damage. Such has been my work.

A collaborative community has formed around the secrets shared with my from the Ancient Ones called, The Sacred Ground Collective.

My newsletters will contain project updates, invitation to events, a listing of activities, or
article/video you might find uplifting. In order to share my best with  you, I will periodically ask for your input. 

Your information will be treated respectfully.

Holding great love, respect, and joy for what is yet to be manifested in our world!

Sharon Riegie Maynard
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