The Ancient Onces

Is it only a game? Maybe all of life is a game, and the question is what game will save the Earth and her inhabitants from further distortion, pain, and spiritual death

There are many who are being asked to remember their promise to participate in a world of wholeness and peace. And yet humanity has been cut off from the very stories that would give them the solid foundations upon which to stand. I share this with you from the highest place of integrity. Just as the information has come through to you, I now invite you to present it to others. It is part of a Spiritual effort to help individuals understand, step out of their costumes of untruth and move back into the Oneness, the Divine that All are.
~Dana from Remembering Earth Mission.

Do you resonate to the words of Dana? I know that we need YOU here, now! Thanks for coming!

Sign up and I will keep you informed about the classes, lectures, events based on the Galactic History from the Ancient Ones. Our world will be very different when we connect to our Original Beginnings and Earth Purpose.

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